For those of a certain age, Medicine Head are the pair of hippies on Top of the Pops & ‘playing’ their hit ‘One And One is One’.
For those who actually followed the band they were one of the true original outfits of the time.

So, for the band’s name to appear out of the blue in 2024, is a bit of a shock. The reality is that this is John Fiddler from the original band, supported by a bunch of excellent musicians. The result is that this is a very fine album of Blues and Americana – 10 tracks of excellent music.

Fiddler’s vocals have the taint of Tom Petty or John Mellencamp about them, but the music is far less rock than it is Blues and Americana. The production is remarkable, all done by Fiddler, creating a huge sound albeit very close and intense.

Opening track, ‘Making Up For Lost Love’, sets the table. A slow Blues, heavy and intense, creating a dark and soulful place. Fiddler sounding like a cross between Walter Trout and Tom Petty.

That kind of sets the frame. The tempo changes but the intensity doesn’t let up. The quality of the playing is excellent across tracks and I found the whole listening experience a delight, going back to certain tracks time and again.

Welcome back Mr Fiddler, this is a delight.