Most of the musicians we know and love take an interest in gambling. The high-stress schedules and packed performances demand some time off and what better way to go about it than gamble at a casino late in the night. The team that reviews non GamStop casino sites made a research on the people who like to gamble. Here is a list of some of the most famous celebrities from the last couple of decades who tried their hands at gambling with varying degrees of luck.

Drake is an avid gambler, which should come as no surprise given how much money he has. He is thought to charge between $350,000 and $600,000 for a show, so a couple hundred thousand dollars lost in a single night at the casino won't make a dent in his fortune. Drake walked straight to the hotel's casino after his gig, which started about 3 a.m. the following day. The performer lost a significant portion of the night's earnings in just a few hours.

Drake had a media scandal with a casino in 2018, accusing them of racial discrimination when they refused to let him gamble despite the fact that he had provided everything they requested. However, it was then revealed that the artist was barred from playing at the Parq Casino in Vancouver due to British Columbia's new anti-money laundering legislation.

50 Cent
50 Cent is known for flaunting his gambling activities on social media and in his numerous interviews Contrary to Money Mayweather, the famous rapper has put some large bets in his time. At the same time, he isn't afraid to bring up the darker side of gambling. Fiddy not only sang the lyrics like "I got a gambling problem" and "I lost money when I bet on Roy," but he also talked about this in 2006. He admitted, 50 Cent gambled a lot and that is something I need to solve." It's important for him to understand that no matter how much he wins, it's not a lot—it became large when he lost. And one is always the loser. 50 Cent believes it's exciting and enjoyable and is going to keep doing it, however, he would exercise caution because one can't break the casino.

Before heading to his car, the 25-year-old had just watched Mike Tyson comfortably dispatch Bruce Seldon in the ring at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. The rapper attended what would turn out to be Mike Tyson's final heavyweight victory. The glitterati from the realms of athletics and entertainment flocked to the event. An argument ensued as they were leaving the casino. Tupac threw Orlando Anderson out of the MGM Grand foyer after he tried to steal a chain from one of his entourage months before. The Death Row chief turned around and attempted to run in the midst of the pandemonium. Knight and his crew were forced to the ground at gunpoint as cops attempted to figure out what was going on. Tupac was shot twice in the chest and fell out of the car, dead.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was sighted in a casino in Las Vegas with the company. The superstar has made a previous visit to the game tables and tried her hands at gambling, this being the most recent account of her interest in betting. She was seen at the poker table in her iconic pink blunt hair. It is reported on her Twitter page, that following the sighting the streaming of her popular music video “Poker Face” shot up. Gaga is an icon who reinforces the union of the worlds of gambling and music. It is a great way of winding down after a hectic schedule.

Justin Bieber
In the early hours of the morning, Justin Bieber plays poker with members of the public at Leicester Square Casino. Justin Bieber has been busy performing in front of thousands of people, so it's understandable that he needs a break now and then. Justin seemed engrossed in his Texas Hold'em game, wearing a grey beanie, maroon hoodie, and tattered jeans. He was playing with regular members of the public, a London gambler stated. The average buy-in for the game was around £200, but I'm not sure how much he earned or lost. On Monday, he was photographed in a casino at about 1 a.m. In general, he was quiet and kept to himself.

Concluding Thoughts
Gambling and music are two interconnected industries so it is no surprise that celebrities try their luck at casinos. Some had a great time and tragedy befell others. Their tales validate the enthusiasm for gambling and spell a tale of caution as well. An interesting observation emerges. Celebrities of all ages, genres, and backgrounds take an interest in gambling highlighting the inclusive nature of the activity. More diversity can be expected in the future.