London-based artist RozzzQween is dropping a new, highly anticipated track which expresses her past vulnerability and the struggles which come with emotionally imbalanced relationships.

Known for her jazzy and unique tone, she takes inspiration in references such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday. RozzzQween the Brummy’ Extraordinaire has built her sound from trauma, tumultuous relationships and life’s harshest lessons.

With ‘Lost 4 Wordz’ the artist sheds light on the pressure women have to go through while trying to prove themselves to a man. In a society where "Pick Me" culture has women feeling as though they have to be molded into the general shape of man's wants, this song is an anthem to the women who are tired of reshaping themselves. Based on personal experience, the song is for everyone who went the extra mile for a man with whom they weren’t even in a relationship with. 'Lost 4 Wordz' is a testament to the stupidity and vulnerability the singer depicted in her dating life. Her powerful voice combined with down to earth lyrics and a catchy tune make it easy to fall in love with the music.

Hailing from Birmingham, she has never forgotten her city, claiming that it is what has “carved her sound”. After performing at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this past Summer, she was invited to sing on September 21st during the Birmingham Music Awards where she was shortlisted for best R&B and soul act. RozzzQween has been actively collaborating with London promoter Hot Vox and will take part in their War Child UK’s fundraiser through a performance this coming October.

In 2019, her song ‘Sunday Afternoon’ rose to fame after becoming viral on TikTok and amassing over 450k streams. Since then, she went on to release her EP album “Damned If I Don’t” which she quotes, “was an album I genuinely felt like if I didn’t do it I’d be damned in misery for eternity”. RozzzQween continues to work on new music, eager to share her talent with the world, and is an artist on the rise to keep an eye on.

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