Noah Cyrus joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new single “Ready To Go” and forthcoming debut album ‘The Hardest Part’ due out next month. She tells Apple Music the album saved her life and discusses gaining confidence as a songwriter, finding her sound, working with producer Mike Crossey, and more.

Noah Cyrus Tells Apple Music About Making Her Forthcoming Album ’The Hardest Part’ and Gaining Confidence as a Songwriter...

…there is so much inner voice of myself in there, but also a lot of like inner child of me in there that's been healed. With growing up and finding my sound, I think when I wrote “July”, I surprised myself and that opened up a whole new world to me where I gained confidence in myself again. And I believe that I could write a song and it wasn't about what happened after I wrote the song. It was just in that moment, writing the songs and getting my feelings out. And there's just so much when I listen back to the album, so much of me that you actually hear in it, like not just in the lyrics, but actually in the music. And that's a first for me. It's my first time making an album.

Noah Cyrus Tells Apple Music Her Forthcoming Album ’The Hardest Part’ Saved Her Life…

That's where like I get emotional because in a way just this album saved my life so much. And that's kind of why I named the whole record, The Hardest Part, because it was kind of just all of it. The hardest part of all of it, my whole life. I feel like I've written about my whole life in this little album... I feel like I've gotten a lot of my whole life into this album.

Noah Cyrus Tells Apple Music About Working With Producer Mike Crossey…

...sitting in the studio with Mike Crossey, song by song, instrument by instrument, building out every single song like my entire soul is in this record. And I was such a fan of Mike before getting in the room with him. So I had admired years of his work. I mean, Arctic Monkeys, Ben Howard, Jake Bugg are some of my biggest influences.