TV's original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter is making plans to team up with country star Billy Ray Cyrus in the recording studio.

The veteran actress and her singer daughter, Jessica Carter Altman, connected with Billy Ray virtually as they all appeared as guests on U.S. breakfast show Today on Thursday.

After Lynda and Jessica, who were due to go on tour together before the coronavirus shutdown, performed an impromptu rendition of his classic hit Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray gushed about their "amazing" vocals, and said,

"You guys sound great together."

Returning the compliment, Lynda exclaimed, "Billy Ray, you are awesome!"

"Oh thank you, you're awesome," he replied. "Your blend together, it's just magic. I love it..."

Lynda then suggested they "do something together" - and the proposal was warmly welcomed by Billy Ray.

"Let's plan on it. Let's do it!" he smiled.

"We're in Nashville all the time," the actress said. "We'll do it."

Weighing in on the collaboration plans, Jessica quipped, "Making connections in quarantine over Zoom and FaceTime? This is great!"