Who is this new masked mysterious EDM artist wearing a unique beaded cross bracelet? Could it be that she is an exceptionally talented Christian EDM singer? Spreading the word of God through music? And by wearing a mask and angel wings, adds to this mysterious person that she is. She truly is a heavenly angel, gifted by God.

People all over the world have listened to her beautiful music. Many have actually turned to God because they were inspired by the heavenly high energetic sound that her songs produce. The world may never know who this mysterious talented and God gifted angel is.

One thing is for certain, whenever she goes out in public , mask or no mask, she turns heads.

The public seems to love her, and for a good reason, she has a very loving and kind personality. When they are close to her, they feel a very loving feeling from her. Sort of a magnetic attraction.

By wearing a mask and angel wings, (which is her trademark), she definitely fits her artist title, Alorangel.
Alorangel is not confirmed to be any celebrity and or well known unmasked artists. Alorangel is confirmed as a new well known masked artist whos mysterious identity remains to be seen.


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