Robert Jon & The Wreck are pretty well the voice of Southern rock these days. Robert Jon’s drawl, the tight and complex riffs, that powerful beat, they are just about the best rockers around.
This new single is another from the upcoming album ‘Red Moon Rising’, an album I am really looking forward to.
The ‘Trouble’ in the title is a classic trope of rock – the dangerous sexy blonde who knows her own mind and takes no shit off anyone. But the track works a treat, especially in conjunction with the video.

Musically, its got everything. The band are tight but the whole feel is loose and free. Schneekluth’s (Henry James) guitar howls and spits with the riffs and solos he creates. The underpinning with the organ really holds the track together and the beat is powerful and right in that groove. But it is Robert Jon’s vocals that make it for me – I love his voice but the clarity of his diction actually gets the lyrics across.

Excellent single and it looks like the album is going to be massive.