KItt Wakeley offers a soundtrack fit for the screen on Symphony of Sinners & Saints.

Across 10 tracks the American provides a compelling mix of electronic, orchestral, and rock sound. Most of the arrangements go for an energetic, full on, dramatic composition best suited for the big screen.

The opener ‘Wicked Ways’ sets the tone as squelching electronic beats set the mood before the electric guitar comes grumbling through the track. The piece builds to its triumphant orchestral high.

The trumpets ring out and the violin’s rhythm compels urgency.
The guitar is set loose on the track to provide the denouement. The catchy riff Wails above the drama as the guitarist shreds away.

The tune starts out sounding like the accompaniment to a lab scene from NCIS and graduates to a big sportscast vibe like the kind you might hear on ESPN.

This is in no Small Part thanks to the services of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who lend their talents throughout the record.

‘Forgive Me’ for its part sounds like a not too distant cousin of the music of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight franchise. The Horne section and violin ratchet up the intensity, before guitar streaks through the track and backing singers harmonize to call the listener to adventure.

‘Conflict’ also impresses in the early going with a nice guitar riff that imposes itself over the orchestral backing.

Much of the record could be used to underpin a film's hero’s big moment. Weather facing down an impossible horde or be coming the hero they were always meant to be.
The LP also has it's less intense moments, a highlight of which is gorgeously voiced by the Dallas Gospel of Light Choir. ‘End Of My Journey’ is a melancholic more becalmed gospel number, in contrast to the verve and fire of most of the set.

Overall, Symphony of Sinners & Saints is a fun experience which successfully meshes a host of musical Styles.