Country-crossover, genre-defying singer/songwriter Jessica Lynn is releasing her power ballad single, ‘Run To’, released on Daydreamer Records.

‘Run To’ is her first single of 2020. Fans and reviewers alike have loved the song, with the latter often praising how it soars above genre pigeonholing.

Often dubbed “Shania’s natural successor” and described as “America’s new Country Music Sensation”, Jessica Lynn has a style and range that certainly appeals to fans of Country and Country Rock but reaches out and beyond to wider audiences.

Music News wanted to find out more...

You just released new single ‘Run To’, what is it about?
Run To is about longing to feel someone or something again. It was incredible for me as the writer to hear how many different meanings for people the song has taken on. I have had people telling me it reminded them of a lost love, a person that had passed away, or even just a feeling they wished to relive again. It is a very special song to me for this reason.

Strange times in which to release music, with many artists delaying releases are you of the mindset that it’s the music that will set us free?
I absolutely am. Music has been my best friend on the most wonderful and the most terrible days of my life. It is what has always gotten me through any situation, not just playing and writing, but listening, and I know that music is often what gives people the strength to keep going. The release of Run To has certainly lifted my spirits during this time, and it has touched my heart so much to know that it has done that for many others as well.

Your U.K. tour plans have now been rescheduled for next year, What are you most looking forward to about returning the UK and what's your message to fans?
I was so devastated when my tour for this year got postponed but my incredible team in the UK worked so fast and so hard to reschedule the dates for next year. I am very grateful for that. I am really looking forward to visiting some great new places and some of my old favorites. Thank you all so much for standing by me and holding on to your tickets in anticipation of next year. It really means the world. I can’t wait to see you.

Your husband is also your lead guitarist so are you using the isolation period to write/record new music?
I have been using the isolation period to record my new record! A silver-lining in this quarantine for me was that what was just supposed to be just a 6 song EP, has now turned in to a full-length album because we are home to be able to finish it. I have been so excited to put this time to good use and turn a negative situation in to something positive. I am very excited to share the new songs and sound with everyone.

What can we expect?
You can expect the same Jessica Lynn sound and energy but with more of a highlight on my rock, blues, and soul influences. For this record, when I wrote the music, I made a vow to myself that I was just going to be just “me.” I was not going to be influenced by what I thought would be good on radio or on a big festival stage. During the writing process I let the music flow out of me from my heart and not my head, and I think it is some of the best material I have ever written. I am very proud of it and it is very autobiographical.

Have recent events crept into or shaped your new music in any way?
I wouldn’t say that recent events have shaped my new music since I haven’t been writing during this period but rather recording and focusing creatively on that, however, I would definitely say that it has shaped my confidence. During lockdown I have been performing so many livestream concerts and connecting and interacting with my fans in a way that I never have before. This time has really showed me that I don’t need the fancy outfits and lights for people to enjoy me and my music. A good song and an honest delivery of it with a passion for what you do is enough. It has taught me how incredibly loyal and loving my fans are and has given me an entirely new level of appreciation and gratitude for my friends around the world. They truly have been the wind powering my sails during this difficult time in life.

Where did your love of country music come from?
My father is Brooklyn, NY born and raised but always, oddly, had a love of country music. When I was young he was constantly playing Glen Campbell, George Strait and Phil Vassar and I fell in love with how country music could tell a story.

Who are you listening to in lockdown?
I have been listening to a lot of John Mayer and Bread. I think because this time has been such a big change from my constant “GO GO GO” lifestyle, I have been really enjoying the very “chill” side of my playlists.

Anything else you'd like to say to Music News readers?
Thank you all so much for hanging out with me today. I really hope that you enjoy the new music video to Run To and I would love to connect with you all on my social media and next year in the UK! See you soon and I pray you stay safe and healthy!

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