At the very heart of the Smalltown Tigers is a love of pop coupled with punk abilities and a better knowledge of music than you might expect. The 8 tracks on this mini-album are an absolute hoot!

Hailing from Rimini, the three piece have only been around a couple of years and released their debut single ‘Just Friends’ which opens this set, last year.
The album is produced by Stiv Canterelli and was recorded in a fully analogue studio to get the raw punch of the early punk recordings.

The result is glorious – a mix between Joan Jett, very early Blondie, the Surfaris and a touch of the Shangri Las.

It is made for playing loud and pogoing around the room to and it kicks from the beginning of ‘Just Friends’ to the final cymbal crash of ‘Five Things’. I loved the sheer brattishness of ‘I Want It Now’ and the hammering drumbeat on ‘Darling Please’ but it is the energy and the confidence that really won me over.

This really is punk at its best.