Joelle Charan has been ‘one to watch’ since her emergence on the scene a few years ago. Last year saw her first two UK tour dates, selling out shows in both London and Lincoln leaving audiences hankering for more.


Despite heath issues causing a few set backs, Charan is back with a brand new release. Forgive Me, out next month is a luscious blend of piano, celesta and double bass, laced with the artist’s sultry vocals and beautiful use of the French horn. It tells the story of her time studying in New York, an argument with her mother, and subsequent reconciliation.

“During my studies, I often felt lonely living in New York with an ocean separating
me from home. Sometimes the days would stretch out endlessly… The French horns voice how lonely I felt with their mellow, soft lines. They also portray the old-world elegance in modern Manhattan that I saw around me while walking down the rainy avenue.”

The artwork was painted by Berend van den Brand and inspired by De Stijl, a famous Dutch art movement known for its members such as Piet Mondriaan and Gerrit Rietveld.

“I photographed myself with an umbrella in the artwork, mirroring the mysterious figure you see. With only primary colours and a simple design, the minimalist painting depicts the emotional scene in which I wrote this song.

Loneliness is the central theme of this song, and I chose De Stijl because of its emptiness. To me, emptiness and loneliness are intertwined emotions, and you can almost touch loneliness in the empty spaces of this artwork.”

Forgive Me proceeds Joelle Charan’s forthcoming album, a body of work that she considers her coming-of-age story, due for release later this year.

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