Dwin, The Stoic is a highly strung Afro fusion artist hailing from Nigeria. The Lagos born songwriter, performer, composer and poet blends nuance of pop and afrobeats paired with vibrant percussive elements to create a mightily impressive sound. His new EP 'Love Lane' is five tracks full of promise, with eclectic and passionate songwriting that hits that sweet spot.

Lead single 'Don't Wait Up' is a dark and brooding Afropop offering, featuring rapper Kelechief who brings his chilled yet energetic rapping flow to this melodically fruitful track. For fans of Rag'n'Bone man, Dwin, The Stoic will certainly appeal to the pop masses as well as his already growing Afrobeats audience, in his most accomplished body of work to date.

Soulful and resonating, Dwin, The Stoic channels his whole musical psyche into this EP, providing a unique sonic exploration that touches on different ways love is experienced - from the sweet to the sour. Collaborating with producer Rhaffy across all 5 tracks, both musicians showcase their musical dynamism and relentless craft to stand out from the crowd. The pair have worked on several projects in the past, and you can hear the musical chemistry and synergy in the music they produce together.

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