Plus Music PR brings you the latest emerging artists in our new Fortnightly Finds, bringing fresh faces to your playlists. Dive in to the latest hot picks below:

saachisen - Pastéis de Nata
saachisen showcases vulnerability on her new track “Pastéis de Nata”. With irresistible melodies and playful instrumentation, it’s an immersive offering that will leave you wanting more.

Tofa ft. Rooxie - Anxiety
Tofa has teamed up with Rooxie to release one of the best urban tracks of the year. “Anxiety” is an infectious tune that features irresistible grooves and vibrant instrumentation - it’s one for the summer playlists for sure.

Beau James Wilding - The Dove
Beau James Wilding will be sure to take you on a musical journey in his new single “The Dove.” The track pays homage to many different genres and comes as a dynamically immersive offering.

Matilda Bond - Long Lost
“Long Lost” is a vibrant but heartfelt new release from Matilda Bond. Not only is it a song to check out, but they’re also a band to keep your eye on - we can see these reaching the very top.

Lex Candy - Ballad Of The Underdogs
Lex Candy is back and this time with a new E.P. “Ballad Of The Underdogs” is an infectious new offering that fully showcases Lex Candy’s new sound. With a mix of Indie, Pop and RnB there’s something on the E.P for everyone.

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