Canadian alt-rock band, My My Sugar, has announced the worldwide release of their latest single, “Post-Entertainment", out March 24th 2023.

"Post-Entertainment" is a hard-hitting rock anthem that incorporates electronic textures and robotic voices underneath the band's signature alt-rock sound. The songs lyrics, written by lead singer Ben Pelchat, serve as a cautionary tale about the future of humanity as it becomes increasingly intertwined with AI technology.

The track's bassline, masterfully executed by bass player Mark Rynkun, provides a dark and groovy underpinning to the song. Meanwhile, guitarist Josh MacIntosh adds intensity with ambient swelling and hard-edged fuzz guitar, underneath Ben Pelchat’s emotional vocal delivery.

"We're proud to share 'Post-Entertainment' with the world," says Pelchat. "The song speaks to the evolving state of technology and its impact on our society. It paints a picture of a youth caught in the grasp of something new, mysterious, alluring, and powerful. Post-Entertainment. It’s paid for with our human energy. The song is a wake-up call to use wisdom as we move towards a future ever more intertwined with AI."

My My Sugar has been a staple of Canada's alternative rock scene since their formation in 2019. The band has released several acclaimed songs including “Airports” and “Life Unchained”, and has an ever-rising online fanbase.
"Post-Entertainment" showcases their ability to blend poignant lyrics with a unique and captivating sound. Be sure to stay tuned for more My My Sugar singles, as they release new music leading up to the release of their debut studio LP this fall.

Listen to “Post-Entertainment” here.

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My My Sugar - Bio
My My Sugar is a rock-alternative band based in Toronto. MMS is the brainchild of Ben Pelchat (vocals & guitar), Josh MacIntosh (lead guitar & vocals), and Mark Rynkun (bass). All experienced artists and producers in their own right, they have now come together to create a truly remarkable ensemble, which seeks to redefine rock for a new

Having worked with the likes of Boy George, Chrissie Hynde, Snoop Dogg, Thousand Foot Krutch, Bethel Music and many more, the members each bring a unique headspace to the musical table. They seek to put the emphasis back on the human elements of music. You can at once feel the excitement, joy, imperfections, and the unpredictable in each of their songs.

My My Sugar’s newest single, "Post-Entertainment" is out March 24th worldwide.