Maxime Boublil aka Max Pretends is a twenty six year old French singer/songwriter living in between Los Angeles and New York. Coming from a musical theatre background and studying music for film, he gives a different angle and perspective altogether on pop music and how it can be presented in the modern day.

Milana is a singer based in Miami, Florida. After having featured on multiple pop EDM tracks for European DJs, she’s finally taking a stand for her music releasing her first single with Max.

Venturing out in many forms of writing and creating music, Max is a topline vocalist for EDM producers across Europe. He wanted to focus solely on releasing pop music with Max Pretends, and released his debut EP ‘One Day I’ll Know’ in 2021 with great success on Spotify alone, amassing over hundred thousand streams.

Influenced by the great modern day songwriters like Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder, Max’s unique EDM background also gives reference to Martin Garrix, granting him further creative control over his craft and what he wants to say, and more importantly, how he wants it to sound.

Max released his third single ‘Alone’ towards the end of 2022, showcasing his new found direction. An epic, dramatic pop song that holds so much personality and character. Max’s vocal immediately stands out and catches your attention, with his extremely low and sultry tonations that strike a chord instantaneously.

‘Home’ is Max’s next instalment, and it’s a song which immediately enchants and possesses a unique pop-infused soundscape throughout. Pretends’ vocals work harmoniously with Milana, with his deep and ever resonating voice working in tandem with her higher octaves.

The clever production shines through once again in ‘Home’, as the pre chorus completely drops down, encompassing that raw and almost cinematic listening experience. Max and Milana take turns in singing and building anticipation to the chorus, with whirling synths and a rich, muted acoustic guitar.

There are many special stripped back moments where the powerful melodies really come to the fore, further exemplifying Max Pretends’ unorthodox yet refreshing approach to music. His musical theatre persona is once again prevalent in this one, and he takes advantage of this narrative and transforms his music into something that is highly appealing to the modern day listener.

Max says that “this song was written about meaningless times of sex & debauchery which we thought was all that mattered as kids.” It’s clear that Max Pretends is doing things in his own way entirely, and ‘Home’ is another epic offering from this one of a kind pop singer-songwriter.

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