At the end of the five stages of grief comes acceptance. A new single by singer/songwriter and performer Carly Burns titled 'Now You Fly' encapsulates the songstress' heartbreaking answer to her friend taking his own life.

Her fourth release, 'Now You Fly,' shows off Burns' ability to deliver an inward-looking heartfelt ballad that is much more than just a song. 'Now You Fly' represents peace, knowing that the suffering is now over.

The track's heartbreaking message is meant to be a conversation starter and a helping hand for those who may also be suffering in silence. With the release of 'Now You Fly,' Burns hopes to connect with people who struggle to see the light via the sonic translation of her own tragic experience.

As a follow-up single after the pop summer smash 'Sweetheart,' 'Now You Fly' has been in the pipeline for a while, but with personal records like this one, the time needs to be right. Burns explains more about 'Now You Fly': "I have been developing this song for a year and a half, and the whole process has been like therapy to me. Through some insanely intense lows, my music has allowed me to release my grief and find strength. The recording studio day was extremely emotional, and I hope my listeners can hear my heart being poured out because that is exactly what I did."

Listen to 'Now You Fly' out now.