Building a solid name in the global music scene is one of the most challenging steps. The music industry is saturated, and without connections and the right resources, it is hard to reach the top. But this hasn't stopped fast-rising rapper Vincent de Boer from making his mark. Vincent is a born-and-raised Dutch singer, songwriter, and producer.

Vincent first made headlines as a music producer. He started making beats during the lockdown period in 2020. At the time, Vincent was 20 years old, and like many others, he was looking for something to keep him occupied during the lockdown.

"COVID put the world at a standstill, and we all had to adapt to a new way of life. I couldn't go to the cinema or concerts anymore. My school also closed down and switched to online classes, and with the newly acclaimed free time, I decided to take the biggest gamble of my life," said Vincent.

Vincent began looking into music mixing, recording, mastering, editing, and even arrangement. Vincent has created several beats.

Vincent later transitioned to rap with the release of his EP "Famous." It is a 6-minute and 44-second track full of beats, including "Hollywood" and "Feelings," which tell a tale filled with sorrow, anxiety, uncertainty, and finally, happiness. Vincent has also worked on several other projects, including "The Beauty and the Beats," "Memory," "Gold," and his most recently released single, "Big Dreams" (2022), featuring American rapper Surf.

In the song, Vincent talks about his journey, dreams, and hopes for the future. “Big Dreams” has become a trending sound on social media, with many praising Vincent's unique music style and sound.

Vincent has a broad taste in rap and hip-hop. He borrows from this to create a unique sound that allows him to flawlessly deliver his message. Vincent's music has been described by many as a rollercoaster of emotions that's been masterfully crafted.

Vincent says his goal is to create timeless and catchy rap tracks that are not only easy to sing along to but also inspire the listener. Through his music, Vincent shows people that every dream is valid and no one should stop you from living your goals.

When Vincent started writing music, many didn't believe in him. Some people even came up to him and told him that he was “terrible” and that he should give up on his dreams. But Vincent didn't listen to them. He believed in his art and invested in its sound and style.

Today, Vincent is known nationally and internationally. He has over 13,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His songs have amassed 500K streams, and he has worked with notable names in the music industry, including American rapper Surf and Icy Davy, who featured in the song "Memory."

Looking at the future, Vincent says his goal is to continue creating inspirational and catchy music as he grows his online and offline brand. Vincent is using social media to promote his music and connect with fans. He shares his latest updates and new releases on his Instagram and other social media pages. Vincent de Boer is also looking forward to a global tour, working with other big names in the industry, and performing on stages around the world.