Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Tyrin – ‘What It Costed’

After recently returning to deliver his brilliant comeback single ‘It’s All Alright’, Brooklyn-based artist Tyrin is looking to continue his positive ascent with the vibrant new effort ‘What It Costed’. Channelling more of that bright and energetic direction he is known for, he is making light work of this fresh and bouncing new release.

NxFxce – ‘bff’

Having already made a bold impression throughout this last year with a flurry of dynamic releases, emerging artist NxFxce is back on the grind once again with his latest delight ‘bff’. Bringing back more of that sweet and atmospheric texture he is quickly building a reputation for, he is cementing himself as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

Pearl Earl – ‘Evil Does It’

With a string of impressive offerings under their belt already, neo-psych rockers Pearl Earl are continuing their support for their sophomore album with the driven new single ‘Evil Does It’. With its warm and luxurious textures, sweeping direction, and killer hooks layered throughout, their next full-length collection is already shaping up to an extremely captivating listen.

Jasmine Tea – ‘Just A Little’

With a sound that looks to invite a multitude of diverse genres into one uplifting package, emerging singer-songwriter Jasmine Tea brings back more of that enticing sound on the breezy new offering ‘Just A Little’. With its laid-back direction, measured perfectly against some glittering vocals throughout, this is one we will find ourselves coming back to again and again.

Emery Kelly – ‘SOME Life It Is’

After hitting back with his highly-praised single ‘REBEL! REBEL!’ in recent months, fast-rising artist Emery Kelly is back to his adventurous ways on the dreamy new gem ‘SOME Life It Is’. Filled with all the same rich and heartfelt aesthetics he has built for himself, his newest entry is another bold and shimmering step forward for the artist at the helm.

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