Plus Music PR brings you the latest emerging artists in our new Fortnightly Finds, bringing fresh faces to your playlists. Dive in to the latest hot picks below:

Matilda Bond - Charm

Matilda Bond now resides in Brighton, but is originally from Stockholm, and we’re sure that living in two creative hubs has allowed for her music to shine.

GIYA - foggy hearts

GIYA's latest offering ‘foggy hearts,’ presents an emotional message and acts as an ode to lives not lived, and peers who had lost their way.

leo. - why keep it intact

leo. is a singer-songwriter from Portugal. Classically trained from the age of five, leo. ended up recording and producing his debut single in 2018 from his own bedroom and five singles later, the singer-songwriter is living in the UK and making waves in the music industry.

Luxury Goods - Tiny Moving Parts

Luxury Goods is back with an infectious single ‘Tiny Moving Parts.’ The track is a hypnotising offering that nods to a few different genres, with the main stand out features being captivating synths, catchy guitar hooks and tight drums.

Express Office Portico - Forget The Name

Express Office Portico are a modern incarnation of a band. Formed during the pandemic, the group got together through online adverts and spent their lockdowns working remotely, piecing tracks together bit by bit.

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