Going deeper, darker and more unpredictable while bringing their live energy to their studio recordings has paid off for Klangstof. They’ve enjoyed a summer of major shows as guests to Pixies, including Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl, while their recent singles ‘Disguiser’ and ‘Plastic Gun’ have earned support from 6 Music, Apple Music and Amazing Radio.

Now the Dutch sonic explorers share their new single ‘Truth’ as they keep their momentum rolling towards the September 16th release of their new album ‘Godspeed To The Freaks’.

‘Truth’ is rich with contrasts as the spacious intro, all sweeping waves of bass and sinisterly sweet falsetto, darts into synth-pop territory, creating a tension-and-release dynamic. It’s a real earphones record too, with closer listens revealing subtle, unexpected details such as the pitch-shifted vocal deep in the mix during its middle-eight. And much like the rest of the upcoming album, it deals with recognising and fixing your personal weaknesses - in this case, it’s a twist on an otherwise common lyrical trope.

Klangstof’s Koen van de Wardt says, “‘Truth’ was by far one of the most fun tracks to record on the album. Erik and I had a studio that got up to 35 degrees in summertime. We were jumping around in our underwear jamming on this track the whole day. I came up with the idea to make a bit more of a light-hearted song about cheating. It was one of those moments where we were way too excited to go all dark. The song really transformed during sessions on Vlieland. Wouter played this reggae guitar loop on top of it and it all made total sense. The music was just the burst of energy we all needed.”