After a full year since their last release, alternative dance trio ENTT are publishing a brand new single in the form of euphoric, pop ballad "3 Words" on 29th July 2022.

With an atmospheric, airy and reflective introduction to the single, ENTT recall their roots and influences to infuse the project with the like of London Grammar, Empire Of The Sun & Depeche Mode to progress into a powerful stadium-style anthem that encapsulates the emotions experienced in life.

With a variety of live and electronic elements incoporated, the track embodies the soul of ENTT and what it stands for; infusing alternative indie rock together with beats, synths and samples of dance. The trio put their own modern spin on vintage analogue & classic synth sounds and then combine that with edgy, hypnotic dance beats, peppered with powerful lead guitar and Freddie's mesmerising lead vocals.

The trio wrote the project in 2019, and after releasing their first EP "COEPIO" in February 2020, a national lockdown was imposed. The band continued writing throughout the year, and upon the easing of restrictions, the track was recorded at Fish Factory Studios, London.

So what exactly are those 3 words? Well, quite simply "I Love You". Freddie Wardour, lead singer of ENTT, sheds light onto what inspired the writing and creative process behind the band's new track; '3 Words' is a song reflecting on a past love and wondering if they feel the same when they look back, or even if they look back at all. The three words I'm referring to are never spoken in the song. They are words not wanting to be felt. Sometimes people can feel something but when words finally affirm the truth it changes everything.

Growing up, for me, was not easy. I had a vision of me marrying a man, living a traditional life. Suddenly all those ideas crumbled around me when I fell for one of my best friends, a girl in my class. The song explores the relationship we had, or more, the aftermath of it. Wondering if it were better if I never told her how I felt. The naivety of my youth convinced me that it was honesty that had killed whatever relationship we had. But that was a lie. It just wasn't meant to be.

With the release of their first original single in 2022, the London-based trio will also be publishing a lyric video, a step they haven't taken before. The band want to express the hidden message. It would be easy for someone to gloss over what is happening in-between the lines with a visual aid, such as a music video. But now with the ability for fans of the band to understand the lyrics word-by- word, ENTT are wanting to take the listener on a journey that has defined the band. Right from their first release in 2019 with EDM Club banger "Mumbai", through to an edgier, more avantagarde version of the Alternative Dance band.

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