Listen to OUTRAGE the first awesome single from a new project. Stream it here.

I’m Archie Bloom and I’m excited to share my latest track ‘’Outrage’’ with the world. My constant want and desire for adventure has brought me to Dubai where I met up with the revolutionary and well established mixing and mastering engineer Salvo Riggi from GTR recording studios. Salvo and I quickly became friends and together we’ve made 9 truly amazing tracks.

‘’Outrage’’ is the first of these tracks that I’m releasing and it’s a very simple track, I got a new watch and a new chain and I’m always on time, that and some other real-life events became the hook. The verses keep in line with this simple format of referencing what I was experiencing in the present.

I’m 26 years old, I come from Adelaide, South Australia but I’m an avid world traveler. I was homeschooled and isolated until I was 17 and grew up in a family that struggled with addiction and mental health issues, I encountered those same struggles in my life and sometimes I still need to look to a higher power to overcome them. Like most artists music has been my haven and long-term passion, however I often lack confidence in my own songs.

Why am I the ‘’Prince of Australia’’?
I travel the world and can always be found in luxury. Everywhere I go people treat me with love and kindness because that’s what I put out into the world, it’s the fans that make me feel like a Prince and for them I don the tagline.

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