Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Andrea – ‘Kissing Strangers’

Having been born in Norway before being raised in Spain to a Chilean family, emerging artist Andrea is now looking to bring that multicultural background to her latest offering ‘Kissing Strangers’. Taking her cues from the bright and shimmering alt-pop genre, this bold and bouncing new gem showcases her as a rich and vibrant name emerging on the scene right now.

South Of France – ‘1995’

Following a flurry of bright and captivating offerings these last few months, fast-rising singer and songwriter South Of France is back once again to unveil his shimmering new effort ‘1995’. Lifted from his forthcoming new album ‘My Spirit Animal My Baggage’, this new gem continues that broad and inventive sound he has been cultivating for himself over the years.

Tina Rix - 'Winning'

After spending the last few months delivering a rich and vibrant array of R&B-inspired grooves, Texas-based artist Tina Rix is back on the grind once again with the sultry new release 'I'm Winning'. Lifted from her forthcoming new album 'No Looking Back', she blends her passionate mix of pop and gospel influences throughout this new gem, gifting us another dose of raw passion throughout.

Sam Louis – ‘No More Running’

Having already clocked up hundreds of thousands of streams for his releases over the last few years, Toronto-born artist Sam Louis is looking to do all of that again as he drops his thunderous new effort ‘No More Running’. Marrying rich and soaring pop tropes with some killer guitar riffs gives this new release a strong and driven sound from start to finish.

Michy Tree – ‘SIKE!’

With a sound that looks to take its cues from the more blistering side to the pop-rock genre, fast-rising artist Michy Tree is back to blow us away once again on the energetic new single ‘SIKE!’. Following in the footsteps of acts like Paramore and The 1975, this cacophonous new offering cements her as a fresh and exciting name emerging right now.

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