4 Beat Grace was formed in early 2021 and released their first single and video "Violence Dance" in January 2022.

The band is based in Zurich Switzerland, the music and lyrics come from "R Grace", "Sagex" sings and is responsible for the aura. 4 Beat Grace mainly plays Post-Punk and Alternative rock.

In January 2022, Post-Punk.com described 4 Beat Grace as an "Enigmatic Post-Punk Outfit" and attested their debut single "Violence Dance" as the right remedy to overcome frustration. We were very pleased! It's probably the mixture of the abysses of human life and the hope of overcoming them that 4 Beat Grace is dealing with. In our Post-Punk we use the ingredients of experiences and dreams, musically inspired by a broad musical taste. The first single "Violence Dance" and the accompanying video has received airplay on numerous indie radio stations and local TV stations.

We will hear a lot more about 4 Beat Grace. More singles are planned and the debut EP will be released soon.

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