London based LGBTQ pop sensation Le Fil returns with the epic new anthem ‘Movie Love’.

Following on from his previous standout single ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’, Le Fil showcases his musical versatility with a new ballad about silver screen romances, that will tug on your heartstrings and have you singing along with your lighters in the air.

Inspired by the greatest love stories, Le Fil pens a hopeful, queer reflection on cinematic romances in his new single ‘Movie Love’ saying, “Gay romances in Hollywood films are so rare. Even in real life, they’re still something so taboo today, with many facing homophobia for simply holding hands. I wrote Movie Love to celebrate love. No matter how we identify or who we like, we all deserve the same magical love, passion and respect that we see in the movies.”

Fusing the story-telling prowess of Taylor Swift with the sumptious soundscapes of Future Islands gives Le Fil
a fresh sound, which truly resonates with his incredible vocals. It is Le Fil’s ability to translate his personal and intimate experiences into universal songs that truly make him stand out from his peers. So, if you want a sumptuous and elegant track to immerse yourself in, look no further than this new release ‘Movie Love’.

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“Le Fil is the London vocal force which is taking the world by storm with his contagious pop quality.” - Music Notion

“Vocally, Le Fil hits all the sweet notes with him singing with his heart on his sleeve.” - Subba Cultcha

Release Date: January 21ST 2022 Available across all streaming platforms

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