The musical album of the electro-opera "Temptation of the Soul" from the creators of the "BEREZA" project has been released.

The presentation of the audio album "Temptation of the Soul" by the author of the "BEREZA" project based on the classic best-selling novel by Oscar Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray", set to the musical context of the electro-opera, took place at the beginning of the year simultaneously on several international digital music platforms, including Apple Music and YouTube.

The compositions of the musical album with a duration of 1 hour and 3 minutes are presented in the modern author's media genre format of a dramatic opera, consisting of 28 acts and themes-episodes, the most striking of which are “There is no sleep in the capital”, “Prayer”, “Sadness”, “Time”, which were first performed in November 2021 in Moscow, Russia at the premiere of the plastic performance "The Temptation of the Soul", directed by Elena Reznichenko.

The roles of the actors are voiced by: director, theater and film actress Elena Reznichenko; composer-arranger, author of poems and vocalist Anastasia Berezovskaya - musician and author of the “BEREZA” project; sound engineer of multimedia projects, sound designer and composer Artem Pinegin.

One of the media listeners, Alexei Vyborov, a music reviewer, has already managed to share his first impressions of the album he listened to, leaving an independent review in the form of a brief review in the comments:
“The Temptation of the Soul electro-opera is an innovative and multifaceted reading of the story of Dorian Gray. Music that draws an eternal plot in my head with such exquisite taste... About love, beauty, time, happiness, soul and endless loneliness. The album at the intersection of genres is exactly the one that should sound in the theater.

Here it is - the desired opportunity to open to the viewer and listener works that are about important and eternal in an accessible language, modern, stylish and lively ... "Temptation of the Soul" is an hour-long journey in which everyone will feel what it means to live in pursuit of pleasure, explore the depths of his soul, choose love or immortality, death or loneliness. Each track richly and generously reveals all the new plot twists, with their originality and shades of the metropolitan metropolis at night in full diversity. Atmospheres from green clubs and alleys, to the unstoppable movement of streets, space, air, sensations from a bird's eye view or passionate whispers of lovers, intended only for two. Actual, fresh, elegant and poignant. For me, exactly. Definitely recommend for listening and sharing..."..

The audio album "Temptation of the Soul" is available in open network access via the official BEREZA YouTube channel and streaming on Apple Music.