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Berried Alive – ‘Sit There Like A Lemon’

Having already clocked up more than ten million streams on YouTube and millions more streams on Spotify alone, genre-bending husband and wife duo Berried Alive make their anthemic return on the pounding new single ‘Sit There Like A Lemon’. Filled with pulsing textures and glitchy electronics, their newest release is surely set to see them grow even bigger in the months to come.

Ohso Davis – ‘You Who’

Influenced heavily by the classic sounds of R&B, soul, and pop, emerging newcomer Osho Davis is now looking to bring that appreciation to his new project as he unveils his breezy debut single ‘You Who’. With its smooth and sensual bassline, matched perfectly against his laid-back vocal style, this new one is definitely one to kick back and relax to.

Valkyrie – ‘Yaddy Ya’

Since breaking through in the last few years, New Zealand-based duo Valkyrie have been going from strength to strength ever since, and now look to continue that upward ascent on their bouncing new effort ‘Yaddy Ya’. With its fresh and energetic direction, these two really know how to build momentum and deliver something truly exciting from start to finish.

Kathleen Farless – ‘Just A Friend’

With a sound that looks to take influence from the bolder and more euphoric side of pop, LA-based singer and songwriter Kathleen Farless returns once again with her newest effort ‘Just A Friend’. With its broad and breezy production perfectly elevating her soaring voice, her newest release certainly brings a passionate and heartfelt feel throughout.

Daniel Mauro – 'Wish You Away'

With a strong DIY approach to everything he looks to create, Long Island-based artist Daniel Mauro is bringing back more of that creative direction to his sweeping new release 'Wish You Away'. Filled with soaring textures, heartfelt lyrics, and a wonderfully enticing voice throughout, he is definitely one to keep an eye on for the year ahead.

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