An all-female collaboration that brings together a mix of voices and genres to produce a global-pop smash, "My Domain" marks Los Angeles social-media star Emily Mei’s music debut alongside Sorn of K-pop group CLC, and Billboard-charting singer-producer Amber Liu.

“I’m so honored to release this first music episode with two of my best friends, Sorn and Amber. I wrote this song to remind myself and others that you don’t need anyone else to be complete, you don’t need anyone who hurts you, and you are powerful on your own. I feel like everyone has a ‘MEI’ inside them, a darker side they don’t usually show to others, a side that sometimes takes over when times are tough. I hope people watch our journey and feel a release, feel like they have someone to relate to.” – Emily Mei

With their massive online fanbases totalling over 20 million, the formidable trio declare they are "rising up through hell" over any obstacles and anyone standing in their way is “just a pawn in my game,” empowering listeners to level up and make their dreams reality. The battle anthem was created by Emily Mei along with a team of chart-topping hitmakers at Kairos Music Group, founded by multi-platinum songwriter and producer Joe J. Lee "KAIROS."

“I wrote this song to remind myself and others that you don’t need anyone else to be complete, you don’t need anyone who hurts you, and you are powerful on your own,” says Emily Mei.

Shifting through trendy funk-pop, percolating synths and surging EDM, the range of sounds in "My Domain" are sure to satisfy a range of tastes, all while positioning Emily, Sorn, and Amber for their international breakout moment.

“It was my pleasure to be able to work on my first official collaboration with my best friend, Emily,” says Sorn, “I had so much fun throughout the whole process and I really enjoyed every step of this project. I was very inspired by seeing her create this whole project as an independent artist and I hope to be able to support her in every way I can.”

“I’m so excited to be part of Emily’s project. We’ve been friends for years and we’ve seen each other grow so much. She’s been working so hard,” says Amber Liu, “I throw surprises at her all the time, funny enough she told me that I was doing a fight scene for the music video and I had a ‘…touché’ moment. I’m just happy to create with my friends.”

Opening the gates to a new story universe that will see sequential music releases in the future, the “My Domain” music video tells the gripping story of Emily and Mei, whose fates are tied after a blood contract allows Mei – a former captain of the army from another world – to take over Emily’s body. Together with Sorn and Amber, a ragtag duo of rebels from Mei’s world, the crew attempts to stop the destruction of Earth by an evil dictator and his attack squad. Embarking on an ambitious new frontier that combines both K-pop and anime influences, the thrilling music video ends in a cliffhanger with an animated fight sequence created by award-winning powerhouse CHAVVO Studios, hinting at more to come.

The MEI story universe is the brainchild of Emily Mei, whose 1 million-strong fandom includes a diverse following of those interested in different aspects of her versatile career, from fashion model to startup co-founder. The first music episode of MEI, “My Domain,” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and major music platforms around the world.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Emily Mei is an actress, fashion model, television host, businesswoman, and social media personality. A multifaceted entertainer, Emily’s credits include being the host of gaming-oriented programming for American streaming network Venn, and global partnerships with household name brands like Shiseido, Adidas, Urban Decay and more. In 2020, she co-founded Kapsul Collective with her friends, partnering with influential celebrity figures to launch unique and original jewelry. Emily will make her theatrical film debut in psychological thriller, Alaska, starring opposite veteran talents like Johnathon Schaech, Grace Van Dien, and Chloe Levine.

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