Translated from its original Italian, Eddie Must Die by Antonio Biggio sees the Hammersmith Odeon centre stage to this page turning thriller which interweaves a terrorist plot with a passion for heavy metal band, Iron Maiden.

Eddie Must Die by Antonio Biggio has not only been rated 4.8 stars on Amazon in the author’s native Italy but has received over one hundred reviews in the first four months of publication. The thriller also sat at the top of Amazon Italy’s top seller list for 15 weeks.

A literary first - a fictional thriller novel featuring Iron Maiden as a key component to the plot - Eddie Must Die also benefits from a playlist that ensures a fully immersive experience for the reader, since the book full of quotes from the heavy metal band’s songs.

It also benefits from a foreword from Steve “Loopy” Newhouse, author, editor and former Iron Maiden roadie.

Thursday 28th October 1982 - Hammersmith Odeon, London.
Iron Maiden are about to play in front of a sold-out crowd. This engagement is crucial for the band, who have just changed their lead singer and try to face the protests against their latest album, The Number of the Beast, accused with links to Satanism. A tragedy is round the corner: Liam and Rose, who belong to a Catholic sect, are also there, stuffed with enough explosive C4 to cause a terrible massacre.

Six weeks before, a journalist called Luke Wilkinson, is found dead on the banks of the Thames. Everything found at the scene leads to a suicide, but Inspector Andrew Briggs, former victim’s classmate, does not agree. He decides to investigate on his own, but the deeper he digs, the more complicated the mosaic becomes.

What is the relationship between Luke’s death and the two terrorists?

In a turn of events, intertwined with past and present on the London-Unites States axis, this becomes much more than a simple murder or a terrorist attack: a capillary, worldwide organization willing to go any lengths in the name of God.

Iron Maiden will be the key to unravel the mystery, but how?

Editor’s review:
The novel is structured to intertwine the characters’ stories, finalized to make them all meet, in a way or the other, at the Hammersmith Odeon’s venue. A very well-built temporal architecture, which flows very well under the readers’ eyes thanks to an efficient exposure. At the beginning it seems all obvious but it’s the interweaving itself which won’t make clear, until the end, who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

The author leads us to the beginning of the worldwide success of the band Iron Maiden, and this is so balanced and discreet, to get curious also the reader who is not a heavy metal fan. For the fans, the experience is so immersive to make them part of the scene and take the stage with their idols.

A sentence: “It's common sense. Human beings only give their best when they can be themselves.”

Published by Blitos Publishing*, Eddie Must Die is available in e-book format now to pre-order on Waterstones, Amazon and Kobo at a discounted price of £1.99 until 22th October 2021 when it will be released.

About the author:
Antonio Biggio was born in 1970 in Santa Margherita Ligure (GE), Italy.
He started writing poems at the age of five. He started performing in theatre at the age of nine, under the guide of his mentor Mario Forella, and ending up with a Diploma in Acting and Directing in 1992, at Starline in Cinecitta (Rome).

He established and directed three theatre companies: the most recent was the Compagnia Stabile del Teatro R&G Govi in Genoa, where he also covered the role of Production Director.

For over 15 years, other than working as actor and director, he used to teach drama at his company Performing Arts Academy, in secondary schools and colleges.

In over thirty years spent performing and directing, he took part in over eighty productions, ranging from comedy, to classic and modern. This huge passion, other than the one for football and Iron Maiden, always characterized him and drives him even to this day.
In 2013 he moved to the United Kingdom, where he currently lives with his family.

As an author, in 1991 he published the poetry book Love Theatre Melancony. In 2020 he translated in Italian for Tsunami Edizioni the book Loopyworld – The Iron Maiden Years written by the former band’s roadie Steve “Loopy” Newhouse, out in 2022. His debut novel, Eddie Must Die, will be out in autumn 2021. Buy it here.

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