is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Used Me (All Along)' by Darro.

Darro's got the punchy lyrics, perfectly timed hooks and melodies, and the look of a real pop-punk rockstar. He brings his kinetic energy and poetic storytelling to the center stage for emo fans of all generations. His ability to connect with audiences through music is what makes Darro a truly talented artist. Each song is a look into his life and experiences, whether it's depicting his harrowing brain tumor surgery in "Signing Out" or a look into toxic relationships in "Runs on Guilt." Now, he's exploring the fleeting feeling of love and manipulation in "Used Me (All Along)," which is sure to top the charts and music playlists across multiple genres.

If there's one thing to know about Darro, it's that his music videos take you on a journey. "Used Me (All Along)" grabs you by candlelight through the eerie halls and isolated rooms of a bed-and-breakfast, just in time to set the spooky mood for October. Inspired by classic horror movies horror classics like The Haunting of Hill House and The Shining, the video is truly spine tingling. Nestled between the creepy shots, we see electrifying performances by the band and Darro against a gloomy backdrop, matching the theme of the song. "Used Me (All Along)" is about love that has gone to waste and the hollowness that comes from feeling cheated. This is exemplified in the video, where his ghostly ex-lover haunts him around every turn and corner. As Darro makes his way to a secret passageway, the two reunite and have one last dance together, signaling the untimely end of their relationship.

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