What is Netflix? If your answer is "only a streaming service," then you’re technically right (but not completely). Netflix began as a streaming service for different movies and shows, but in 2021 it has a lot more meaning to its name. You know, Netflix has brought several shows on its platform, but this time is different.

After years of functioning as a streaming service, Netflix has released an original series. It is a music talent show called Rhythm + Flow, and you have got to watch it.

Who Is Judging the Contestants?
The judges of this show are Chance The Rapper, Cardi B and T.I. If you have not already guessed, it’s about hip hop. These judges are the prominent faces in the hip-hop music industry and will choose the future sensational hip-hop star.

The show is an answer to mainstream music shows like The X Factor and American Idol. You’ve got to applaud the ambition of Netflix to compete against the likes of music shows that have dominated the industry for years.

Netflix achieved its goal when fans immediately got obsessed with the show, and now they are waiting for the second season.

What Makes It Unique?
The show first premiered on October 9, 2019, featuring auditions in the first four episodes. Before releasing the show, Netflix and the show's judges dropped trailers on their pages.

Breaking free from the stereotypes of music reality shows, Rhythm + Flow had unfiltered auditions, judges, and contestants. In case the show is unavailable in your country, use VPN for unblocking different Netflix libraries. It was more about recognizing musical talent than providing crass entertainment, unlike reality shows of the past. The three judges were relentless in their search for a new hip-hop star from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The best part about these judges is that they have been reality T.V. contestants at some point. For example, Cardi B appeared on Love & Hip Hop, the famous VH1 reality show, and climbed her way up as a rapper after that.

T.I. has a history of being a part of reality T.V shows, including two of his own, T.I.'s Road to Redemption and T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. He did both shows on VH1 in 2011. Chance the Rapper guest-hosted the fan-favorite show of all time, Saturday Night Live in 2017.

What Is the Point of Another Music Reality Series?
The show was clear about its purpose, and fans were delighted. All three judges announced that they were looking for authentic music talent, not someone who is just after the money. They were ready to look in every corner of the country to fish out an unrecognized music prodigy.

The aim of this show was not to make anyone famous or rich; instead, it was to guide the contestants towards an artistic life in the music industry. Along with the contestants, music fans also learned a thing or two about maintaining stage presence, making videos, and collaborating with other artists.

Unlike any other music reality show, Rhythm + Flow revealed the struggle and passion it takes to work as an artist in a competitive industry that can replace you in an instant.

Who Are the Producers?
The sassy judges are not the only impressive factor of this reality T.V show. The team of producers behind this show is spectacular! One co-producer is Get Lifted Film Co, which is a John Legend production. Other producers include celebrities like Mike Jackson, Jeff Pollack, Nikki Boella, Jeff Gaspin, Ty Stiklorius, and Jesse Collins.

Who Won?
As for the first season of Rhythm + Flow, D Smoke won the contest. The lovable, bilingual man from Inglewood won the competition by making a music video about police brutality. His road to success was not easy because the judges gave him all kinds of harsh criticisms, but he performed his way to the top.

This Netflix original music talent show knew no bounds when it came to entertainment. However, it never lost its spark and authenticity for the sake of gaining an audience. The popularity of the first season and the desperation for the next season speaks volumes about how people have been waiting for a change in reality T.V. shows.

Hopefully, season two of Rhythm + Flow will come with a bang and leave us impressed, just like in 2019.