Italian based ELYAZ releases new single 'The Place Where We Belong', watch the official video below.

Gifted Italian music producer, singer and musician ELYAZ (Mauro Elias Morone) has always lent a unique sensibility and feeling to his compositions and arrangements, which all comes from a burning musical passion inside.

He puts everything of himself into his work, taking a global approach to music production. With a delicate touch for Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, he achieves total creative control and freedom, combined with his guitar playing, piano and voice.

Earning high numbers on the most famous music platforms, ELYAZ presents his tracks mainly as a DJ. His projects explore concepts and tell evocative stories, taking the listener to faraway places. With his drive and ambition there are no more boundaries.

♫ Stream/Download here.

The official videos to previous singles 'Break The Distance' and 'Wildlands' can be seen below.

Written, produced and performed by ELYAZ, Break the Distance has a country music feel. Upbeat and bold, it gallops beyond borders and bursts through boundaries.
With all the wonder and passion of a child chasing his dreams, the artist directs his steps towards new paths. The horseman advances, proud and free, steward of ancient yearnings. The music interweaves three seemingly disparate stories stemming from a single source which converge with intensity, breaking the distance that separates us from time.

Written, produced and performed by ELYAZ, "Wildlands" shows the beauty and power of our earth. Wild landscapes hide and protect the secret, showing us the way. With gentle yet determined steps, the girl represents a harmonious symbol of the origin of everything. We will run faraway, with the overall message being powerful and combative. We are all warriors protecting and respecting our wild planet.

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