Up and coming Toronto artist, jav3x, has released a collaboration/remix of Mokita's "Sleepwalking" (June 11th).

jav3x blends power, emotion and creativity seamlessly through his distinct sound. His music journey began at the age of twelve after being inspired by deadmau5's livestream sessions. jav3x was discovered by Tom Lue who came across his track “Her Eyes.” His first label release came in 2014 “Into the Sky” via Sunset Melodies and earned 600K streams worldwide.

Taking a four-year hiatus from releasing music to finish school, he has come out of hibernation stronger than ever with a sound that has shifted from progressive house to showcase his new love for future bass, edm and pop. His recent independent release “Die Young” showcases his professional sound and the beginning of a new era for Jav3x.

Jav3x original song “Broken Wings” is set to drop June 25th.

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