Sexy. Soulful. Passionate. Three words that perfectly sum up NYC born performance artist GARRETT PAKNIS. To celebrate Pride month, GARRETT is back with his provocative new single ‘EVERY INCH’, out now.

The track is accompanied by an erotic music video filmed in the Scottish countryside, styled by fashion designer Ilaria Lepore. Based in London, Ilaria’s interactions with the outer edges of society have led her to reverse commonly accepted notions of beauty and gender. Androgynous code allows the designer to express a minimal, sartoial and provative vision.

GARRETT describes his new track ‘EVERY INCH’ as the “Sexiest song of the summer”.

He says, “I am so grateful to have been welcomed into London’s queer community with open arms. Pride is something we should all feel every day, all year long. This track is a sensual, feel good song about living in the moment and enjoying every second of it. It’s about enjoying both your own pleasure, and the pleasure of your partner. Perfect for late night summer playlists, ‘EVERY INCH’ provides the soundtrack to your steamy summer!”

GARRETT’s distinctive sound blends elements of house, dance and electronic music, combined with his raspy vocals and honest lyricism. Having grown up in New York City, GARRETT has been “moaning poetry” into microphones since his teenage years, and brings a soulful energy to his house-infused dance music which contains raw and vulnerable yet conscious lyricism.

GARRETT has built up a fanbase of over 80.000 followers and listeners across his platforms, as well as amassing over 2,000,000 streams and performed in venues all over the world, all as a completely independent artist.

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