Zhengtronic producer CICI Zhu’s sensational new crossover single 'Drifter' reveals she creates hybrid vibes unlike any other.

CICI Zhu is an artist and producer with a unique background. She was born in Shanghai, but was raised in London, and eventually relocated to the United States. Her family exposed her to traditional Chinese music, while she also explored the endless possibility of contemporary electronic sounds. In particular, the way she combines the guzheng (Chinese harp)with electronic instrumentation and samples, lead to a mesmerizing and diverse atmosphere. Her music is a beautiful collision of these two different musical styles, going for a unique sound that feels personal and direct, and just as diverse as her upbringing!

With her remarkable cross-cultural style and stunningly hybrid sound, Zhengtronic producer CICI Zhu broke major ground with her career through the release of her debut singles “Alive” & “Mirage,” as she introduced her professionally recorded material into the world last year. In 2021, CICI’s set to take her story even further, and ready to take listeners along with her on an audibly artistic journey unlike any other.

Her brand new release, “Drifter” features a sparse, yet hypnotic guzhengpattern, unfolding over a deep, lush background. The song features airy drum patterns, arpeggiated synths and big build-ups leading to a more immersive sound. The vocals are mystifying, reminiscent of artists such as Portishead or Massive Attack. Through a sensory experience that dives into enchanting spiritual & dreamy vibes, “Drifter” boldly observes the ever-growing distance that has divided us all, from the past to the present day. “Drifter” is an insightful tale that explores how people all around the globe have drifted apart throughout history - relocating themselves in the process of searching for the meaning of life, broadened horizons, and a higher sense of self.

“Drifter” is a powerfully poetic and perfect example of how CICI Zhu is gifted with an innate ability to create moments that move the mind, body, and soul as one, the track is as thought-provoking & emotional as it is entertaining. Join her for the immaculate brand-new single “Drifter,” as CICI Zhu surges forward with artistic integrity and addictive vibes, earning her place on your playlists, and in your heart.

“Drifter” is officially out & available on every online platform for all to enjoy.

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