Tooknow's latest track "Just Like Dat" is the summer Hip Hop anthem that will blow the roof off your party. From the graceful melodies and effortless wordplay down to the polished production, this song should no doubt be at the top of your playlist all summer 2021.

TooKnow strives to fully understand themselves in this evolving world through their intricate wordplay and eclectic melodies. Michael Isiah, Tony Nix and Kristian Robert have been forging impactful sounds in Trap, Rap, and R&B since their childhood. Their limitless drive pushes them to test other genres out.

The group is currently touring local high schools and colleges but their ambitions are to reach farther. Expect them to flourish within the folds of the music industry while exhibiting the power of self-development, regardless of the hand they were dealt in life.

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