Music publication and events organizer EDM Maniac is hosting two simultaneous live music events this weekend in Texas and California, in a victory for the US live music industry.

The US based publication has been hosting CDC-compliant live events and technologically advanced live streams throughout the pandemic, and this weekend they’re kicking things up a notch with two simultaneous events taking place Saturday 17 April in both Texas and California.

In San Antonio, Texas, EDM Maniac is partnering with Electric Fiesta, one of the first promoters in the country to innovate in the live entertainment industry amidst the pandemic, with its EDM Drive-In events. The Electric Cookout event will feature San Antonio’s favourite food trucks, paired with a lineup of dance music, comedy, and live art. The team hopes to boost the local economy and both the entertainment and food industries.

As well as collaborating with local authorities to organize safety logistics, attendees will be required to wear masks for the duration unless eating or drinking. The event has also partnered with CLEAR, providing optional access to CLEAR’s Health Pass technology for attendees – a free mobile experience that securely connects a user’s verified identity to multiple layers of COVID-19 related health information. Electric Cookout attendees will be able to submit a health survey and link their COVID-19 test results to their Health Pass. CLEAR's Health Pass will be optional for all Electric Cookout attendees and those who successfully complete a Health Pass will receive expedited entry and additional incentives.

On the West coast, EDM Maniac is pairing up with Eclectic Events for Central California’s first ever socially distant “DisDance” pod rave experience. Artists including Boombox Cartel, Stuca, Gawm, and Floating Species will be performing at the socially distanced, immersive pod rave experience in the countryside of California’s central valley at Hobbs Grove in Sanger, Fresno County. The experience hopes to bring dance fans together after a tough year, while following CDC, state, and local health guidelines. Pods will be six feet apart, and again masks will be required at all times. But dancing within pod space is allowed.

EDM Maniac founder Devin Lezama emphasizes just what these events mean for the industry. “It means the world is getting back to a point where we can gather together safely...More broadly speaking, the world is moving in a positive direction. These events this weekend are bringing people together to enjoy music after what was a very tough year for many.

He adds: “These events will help transition us back to live events, and we are certainly on our way. The events are also stimulating the economy and employing tons of people. We are all about bringing people back to work in a healthy and safe way.”

We’ve witnessed various innovative digital attempts to support the events industry over the last year, but truly nothing beats live music.

Electric Cookout tickets are on sale here, and tickets for for DisDance can be purchased using this here.

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