St. Louis-based artist Greg Dallas' debut EP, “The Storm,” will be available on all digital platforms May 1, 2021. The Storm features six compositions/songs by Greg Dallas, featuring musicians Catey Esler on vocals and Aaron Lawson on drums. All other instruments and sounds were recorded and performed by Greg Dallas. Stream EP here.

“The Storm” tells the story of a turbulent experience familiar to most—heartbreak. The EP is split between two avenues of emotional delivery: lyrical and instrumental. Greg started working on the music which eventually became The Storm in the winter of 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. Aside from Catey’s vocals on tracks 1, 3, 5, and Aaron’s drumming on track 3, all music was written, performed, and recorded by Greg. The recording process started in 2018 and was finalized during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Greg was familiar with both Catey and Aaron’s work with New York based band, Jade Collective, so intuitively he understood that their sound was what the EP needed to bring it to completion.

On “The Storm,” Greg draws sound and inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Compositionally and sonically, Greg is guided by contemporary artists like Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver, while drawing his harmonic and melodic vocabulary from his background in jazz. Each of the lyrical tracks on the album, which are likely to remind one of both of times gone by and the sonic imprint of Greg’s contemporaries, are separated by what can best be described as sound experiments of an ambient nature. At times harsh, and inversely soothing, this collection of songs promises to take the listener on a poignant and surprising auricular journey.


The Storm

Music and lyrics by Greg Dallas
Lead Vocals tracks 1, 3, 5: Catey Esler
Backing Vocals tracks 1, 3, 5: Greg Dallas and Catey Esler
Drums track 3: Aaron Lawson
Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, grand piano, electric bass, synthesizers, effects: Greg Dallas
Recording engineers: Greg Dallas (all tracks) Catey Esler (tracks 1, 3, 5), Jeremy Bernstein (drums track 3)
Producer: Greg Dallas
Mixing and mastering: Joel Gardella
Art/videos: Greg Dallas and Jim McGowin


Greg spent his formative years as a musician studying jazz guitar, most notably at Berklee College of Music. After many years focusing solely on jazz, Greg soon realized that it was not meant to be his sole avenue of expression. Always an avid listener of many genres and a skilled multi-instrumentalist, he began songwriting and recording/producing his own music, as well as delving into visual arts as a painter. “The Storm” is Greg’s first venture outside of the jazz realm. Listeners can expect many more contributions to the creative world from him in the future.


Catey Esler is a vocalist, pianist and songwriter based in New York City. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, Catey grew up studying classical piano and voice and later went on to attend Berklee College of Music for jazz voice and composition. She is the front-woman of indie-jazz band, Jade Collective, that has toured with and performed alongside world-renowned singer-songwriter, Becca Stevens. Under her own name, Catey has independently released an EP of her original music and is currently working towards her debut album due late Fall 2021. Aside from bands, Catey also performs with many NYC choirs including the C4 Ensemble and the National Children’s Choir.

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Photo credit: Gaya Feldheim Schorr
Video credit: Jim Z McGowin