is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of reveals 'Distance' by RIVIN.

During these demanding pandemic times, there are words that have become the new norm in our daily vocabulary. One of these words is Distance, which is the title to RIVIN’s new record coming out February 19th. Distance is a pop/dance song that dares to combine the melancholic feel of 2020 with the colourful vibes of the 80s. Produced by Jineo (The Voice - France) and mixed by CeePee (collabs. with John Legend and Little Mix). In his new record RIVIN reflects on the meaning of suffering and craving distance, injecting it with a sparkling energy to send a message of hope, optimism and inner strength. The Official Video Premiere will be on February 22 at 6pm Berlin time (10am LA, 1pm NY).

RIVIN does not conform to any one sound - you never know how the next track is going to be. Some of RIVIN’s songs are filled with lush synths while others are coated with beautiful soaring orchestral arrangements. Though, one thing all of his songs have in common is that they originate from a place of personal experience. The recurrent message in his music is that life is not about running away from pain but learning to grow from one’s pain. Distance, his next release, is the perfect example. I Instagram I Spotify Profile I Youtube Channel