Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Hunter Gill – ‘Glide’

With a sound that looks to take influence from the complete history of country music and Americana, newcomer Hunter Gill is now ready to introduce himself to the world with his passionate debut single ‘Glide’. Filled with a soaring and sweeping atmosphere throughout, this initial release spells great promise for the artist in the near future.

Messy – ‘Lonely’

With his previously shared single ‘Out For Blood’ still rattling around between our ears, LA-based artist Messy is looking to deliver another immediate earworm with ‘Lonely’. Capturing a mix of lofty pop aesthetics and sweeping melodies, his newest delight is the rich and heartfelt comeback we were all hoping for.

aryy – ‘i’ve grown out of you’

Having already spent the last few months releasing a wealth of bright and uplifting pop ditties, LA-based singer and songwriter aary has now returned to showcase her latest EP ‘Get A Clue’ with the vibrant lead single ‘i’ve grown out of you’. Bringing together a blend of light pop aesthetics with her own sweetly chilled vocal performance gives this cut an instantly recognisable flavour, and shows her as one of the more progressive names arriving on the pop scene right now.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – ‘Mama, I Don’t Want To Go To Nashville’

After first making a name for himself as a contestant on American Idol 2019, emerging singer and songwriter Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is back to sweep us off our feet with the breezy new offering ‘Mama, I Don’t Want To Go To Nashville’. Channelling a rich country vibe throughout, Jeremiah’s smooth and honey-soaked vocals remain the core of this new gem, delivering a wonderfully laid-back offering in the process.

Bella Di Manno – ‘Breathe’

As an artist that has always looked to reinvent and explore new ideas in the pop realm, vocalist Bella Di Manno now looks to take things to the next level once again on her latest release ‘Breathe’. A cover of the world-conquering Jax Jones single, her newest gem strips back the original to unveil a bold and captivating piano-led ballad that oozes raw and seductive emotion.