Like most bands, national lockdown in 2020 came as a huge blow for Brit-soul band Mamas Gun. Separated and unable to perform together, they turned to their long time sound engineer Doug Hunt for a solution. Hunt delivered. He developed ground-breaking new technology to enable the band to play together live, over the internet, in real time.

Hunt explains “I've worked with Mamas Gun for many years. They were the perfect test bed for the new software as they have extremely high standards & are musically excellent. I knew if we could capture their recordings in this manner at the sort of quality levels demanded by them, we will have cracked something really special”.

Mamas Gun debuted the new technology with a live streamed gig for their global fanbase in May 2020 and it proved to be a huge success. Captured during that live streamed show, The Tin Pan Sessions EP is the first ever commercial release of performances from a band recorded remotely, in real time. It features 4 tracks which have played a key role in Mama Guns’ journey so far and brings a sense of joy back during a time when fans and musicians alike are lamenting the pleasures of the live concert experience.

To reveal all, Mamas Gun produced a short documentary which explains how they pulled off this global first. They will be using the same technology to perform live again via their YouTube channel on 28 January.