Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Conrad Ashton – ‘The Longest Night’

Following up the roaring success he has had for his previously shared single ‘Celebrate Life’ in recent months, singer and songwriter Conrad Ashton is back once again with his latest belter ‘The Longest Night’. Following in the rich and soaring footsteps of the Britpop sound, his newest release is a fresh and vibrant return to form for the frontman.

ADI TUDE – ‘Bad Company’

Hot off the heels of his well-received debut EP ‘Theme Park’ last month, London-based artist ADI TUDE is back to show off one of the collection’s standout offerings with ‘Bad Company’. Filled with bright and euphoric production, sweeping tones, and his beautiful voice at the helm, expect to have this one on loop for hours at a time.

ALBIE – ‘Back To Me’

As an artist that was scouted for fame in his mid-teenage years, Mallorca-based singer and songwriter ALBIE has been on a meteoric rise ever since, and the now 18-year-old returns with his latest gem ‘Back To Me’. Channelling the fresh and upbeat direction of his Balearic home, his new stomper will have your fists pumping from start to finish.

Keir – ‘Say Love’

With a bold and beautiful batch of releases under his belt over the last few years, Bristol-based singer and songwriter Keir is back once again to showcase his newest effort ‘Say Love’. Bringing the same euphoric and uplifting sound as Lewis Capaldi, his new single is the warm and enticing return we were all hoping for from him.

Flowers For You – ‘never again’

After first emerging last year with a wave of impactful offerings, emerging frontman Luke Seeley aka Flowers For You is returning to his self-described “MySpace niche” direction on ‘never again’. Taking his cues from the likes of Post Malone, this smooth and enticing release sees him fully realise the emo pop-punk direction he has been cultivating these last few months.