Grammy nominated band Foster The People will debut their new EP featuring six (6) original songs on Friday, December 11, 2020.

The EP, entitled In the Darkest of Nights, Let the Birds Sing, was recorded by each band member entirely during COVID-19 quarantine from all corners of the United States, and marks the band’s first album as independent artists. A single from the album, “Under the Moon,” is available everywhere today as a teaser to the album release. The band’s first public performance of “Under the Moon” is featured on Artists Den’s “Live from My Den,” also available today, exclusively on Variety(

The EP track list as follows:
Walk with a Big Stick
Lamb’s Wool
The Things We Do
Under The Moon
Your Heart is my Home

Mark Foster Quote:
“The last few years have been the most introspective and personally healing years of my life. I found something that I have been searching for since I was a teenager -- love. As a songwriter, I have always looked outward toward culture and the state of the world for inspiration. But as I searched for what this next era of Foster The People was going to sound like, I felt it was important to look inward this time and try to articulate what my love feels like. Every song on this EP is a different facet of the many layers of my love. Tension mixed with tenderness. Vulnerability contrasted with hope for the future. Heartache and separation anxiety offset by the truth that unconditional love leaves no room for fear. In some ways, writing about these things was a form of defiance to the fractured world around me. It was important for me to put the beautiful things swirling in my heart on display for the listener, as a reminder that these quiet virtues are what connects us as humans, no matter how loud our political ideologies may be. It feels to me like the world has forgotten its sense of magic. It seems to have forgotten that beauty, kindness, mercy and respect are the fabrics that hold us together, despite our differences. With In The Darkest Of Nights, Let The Birds Sing, I wanted love to be on full display.”