TikTok star Jamie Raine’s collaboration with UK hip-hop artist Digga D for the music campaign ‘Woi’ has smashed past 200 million views, creating global trends for the song on the platform.

Following the rise of Jamie Raine’s popular TikTok channel, the young social media star has grown his following to more than 800k followers in 2020, collaborating with major brands from Boohoo to Bongo as well as hip-hop stars - setting viral trends on TikTok.

For Digga D’s latest hit single Woi, Jamie Raine created a viral video to promote the #woichallenge to his followers, encouraging users on the platform to use the song in their videos.

Since the campaign was launched, the challenge has had more than 200 million video views on TikTok. More than 24,600 TikTok users also engaged with the song and created their own dance videos using the track, making it one of the most popular campaigns to-date on the platform. The success of the campaign has also propelled Digga D and connected the hip-hop star with young audiences - demonstrating the power of viral videos and how internet users can connect and share content with authentic influencers.

With TikTok’s rise to prominence, young stars like Jamie Raine are helping artists as well as brands go viral with social videos that can reach large audiences around the world, and there are no limits to virality with the right message.

Among some of the most viral campaigns on TikTok, the #woichallenge shows how social influence can go a long way in helping brands as well as artists tap into the scale of TikTok. And as we can see, influencers can create a big impact when promoting campaigns with the support of their loyal followers.

With conversations around the song and videos being shared across the web, the #woichallenge is just one of many campaigns Jamie Raine has been involved in. The young social media star also recently released an Amazon bestseller on TikTok success and has collaborated with the likes of Coldplay and Drake.