Sometimes in life we meet a total stranger who truly inspires us with their hope and positivity; a stranger that reminds us that there's good in the world, and shows us what it really means to be human. Sami Chohfi was lucky enough to meet a person of this caliber, and then passed the positivity on by writing a beautiful and heartfelt song for all of us to hear with "Extraordinary World."

"Extraordinary World was inspired by a man I met in Cambodia who was born with no arms who made the most amazing jewelry with his feet" says Sami. "This man not only fought to contribute to this world but has the most beautiful and positive outlook on life and people. He donates some of his earnings to help others who are disabled in his community. What an inspiration he was to me, and should be to anyone who has the pleasure to meet him while visiting Siem Reap."

Sami has been traveling the world, visiting many countries including Africa, India, and Cambodia, among others. Along the way he has seen breathtaking views, and met heartwarming people. "All of us just want to be loved, accepted, understood and have purpose," says Sami. "We are all the same across this Extraordinary World, I only hope we one day realize that there is no divide, so we can live a much happier and fulfilling life."

With an extraordinary song, comes an extraordinary video. Filmed across five continents with a DJI Osmo Pocket and a DJI Mavic Drone 2, we present to you the official music video for "Extraordinary World":