is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Rocket Fly' by The Forevers.

Brother-sister duo The Forevers promise to "make some damn good music to rock out to, score on a date to, & chill to after." Their love of music took hold in a decidedly un-chill place: Communist Poland of the 1980s. Pirate radio broadcasts reached across the Iron Curtain to their starving ears, filling their heads with, among many others, the nothing-to-lose Rock n Roll rebellion of Bruce Springsteen. Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk and Natalia Safran have since made major moves in the music and film industries: their hit song "All I Feel Is You" appeared in the late Paul Walker's film Hours. A remix of the track - which was on the soundtrack to Flatliners - shot up to the US Billboard Top 20 Club Play chart, making them the only Polish artist to have a US Billboard chart-topping single. Safran and her husband Peter's production house, The Safran Company, has produced major Hollywood successes like The Nun and The Conjuring.

In their uplifting new single, "Rockets Fly," The Forevers contemplate our place in a vast Universe. Channeling Portishead and Bat For Lashes, Safran radiates soothing energy, a serene excitement. According to the singer, the track and the videos epic shots of Earth from afar are meant to instill a "feeling of being understood, connected and lifted into that cosmic sphere we only sometimes get to dwell in." A fitting lead single for their latest album, Interstellar Dweller, out now on Supersonic Soul Machine Records.

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