You could be forgiven for thinking that Melbourne is not the best place to be right now. Just entering their second lockdown, the general mood must be pretty low, with people facing the upcoming isolation period for the second time this year… So putting together a music video right now would certainly be a challenge, to say the least.

Not so for President Street.

The Australian pop-fusion collective are back with a stunning visual for their recently released single, ‘Something to Believe’, which was impressively shot on an iPhone. Telling the story of a rediscovery of self-belief in the fallout of a toxic relationship, it wouldn’t be a million miles away from the emotions we have all felt during 2020 - the removal of outside coping mechanisms, the forced introspection. It all leads to finding that inner strength you never knew you had, and thus we come to the idea of self-discovery, the central theme of the song itself.

The video is necessarily simplistic - but no less effective - featuring a close-up of vocalist Ruby’s face as she sings the verses, before pulling back when the chorus begins and showing Ruby stepping outside the house, escaping the confines of her self-doubt and moving into the wider world.

It’s a gorgeous video regardless of the literal restraints the band were coping with, but with these taken into account, it's all the more impressive. To remind you that hope still exists, yes even in this world, even today, ‘Something to Believe’ looks towards a future where the strength to carry on was inside you the whole time.

N.B. At time of going to press, ‘Something to Believe’ was at number 5 in the Music Week Commercial Pop charts, only 3 places behind a fellow Melbournian, Danni Minogue! Maybe there’s something in that lockdown creativity after all...

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