Hit Texas-based songwriter steps out into his own with brand-new video spotlighting his vibrant narrative aimed at calling out anger.

Phillip Sandifer crafts story songs with equal measures heart (“Just Because You Are”) and home (“Learning to Love You”). Each sharply written narrative owns endless energy (“The Less Traveled Road”). Recently: “Someone Else.” The singular songwriter's single and video showcased a songwriter in top form seamlessly framing the current CO-VID19 crisis. “Two of our daughters are in the medical field,” Sandifer says. “One is in Houston in primary care but moonlights at the busiest emergency room in the county. The other sells medical supplies to hospitals in the region that includes Austin. So, we cheer on the medical professionals and cry at their stories of exhaustion and those who have died saving others. As the journey into the current crisis has deepened and social networks have been fueled by both pandemic and political anger Sandifer felt the need to respond in song. That’s the intent of “Weep For Angry Christians”.

Sandifer might not be a household name, but you know his work. The Austin resident spends his days as a writer, recording artist and sometime music producer who has recorded with top notch artists like Jennifer Warnes, Billy Crockett, Bob Bennett and Michele Wagner. Additionally, he has had a staggering 232 cuts with over 30 different artists – most notably Glen Campbell, Fernando Ortega, Cheri Keaggy, Kim Hill, Michael James, Bob Bennett, Michele Wagner and Dawn Smith Jordan. He has participated on recordings distributed by EMI, Disney, BMG and Warner Music Group, although most of his solo recordings have been released on Urgent Records (Sony/The Orchard), an independent label founded by Sandifer in 1984, and more recently on Wider Sky Music (Sony/The Orchard).

Sandifer's music career highlights include having Roger Nichols (Steely Dan, John Denver) mix one of his recording projects (“Keeping The Dream Alive”) and one of his best known songs (“When It's All Been Said & Done”), recording a duet with Jennifer Warnes (“In His Love”), writing a song (“Unto The Least of These”) with one of his favorite writers Bob Bennett that was recorded by one of his favorite artists Glen Campbell, recording one of his favorite songs ("Return To Pooh Corner") for a Disney project and being the executive producer of Fernando Ortega's first nationally released recording ("In A Welcome Field"). The new single “Weep For Angry Christians” will join these accomplishments as another career high watermark. Sandifer hopes it will draw attention to the worthy cause.

“I have been personally attacked for my beliefs on social networks. Other’s have as well. Social media can be used for a lot of good things. Unfortunately, it seems the political parties are intending to use them to stoke anger. The point of my song is to get us all to admit our need, stop the anger and let’s dialog and try to genuinely seek understanding...let’s all get a little smarter and more compassionate.”