404Haven launches with the announcement of its first round of influencers and the upcoming journey, expanding the new digital culture movement.

New media celebrity BigNik and friends are making a statement about living differently as new media creatives. They have launched a new collective, producing gaming and comedy lifestyle content out of a Hollywood mansion previously occupied by leading esports brand FaZe Clan.

A Snapchat star who turned rapper with several tracks setting fire on Youtube, BigNik first rose to celebrity status with his family on the reality show “The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family”, and does it all taking a different approach, including living with disability, in his stride. Alongside his fellow new media creatives Diego Vargas and Jade Anh, they form the first talent in the 404 Haven mansion, with a big focus on gaming on Twitch and producing original content.

404Haven, as the latest entrant to the rising cultural phenomena of influencer collectives – has officially launched to drive forward the movement in new media and digital culture. The ‘Haven’, home to the 404H members, is a luxurious estate located next door to the Hype House in the Hollywood Hills. The mansion, fitted with streamer hubs, a top-of-the-line production studio, and an in-house two-Michelin star Chef is designed to introduce the next generation of digital superstars. 404H expresses and highlights individuality, and isn’t pigeonholed into any content category or genre, instead choosing to champion creators that live differently. BigNik is the first member that 404Haven is ecstatic to announce. When BigNik was left in a wheelchair following major surgery, he used his time productively to become a Vine sensation. BigNik is no stranger to adversity, and with his bigger-than-life attitude, he encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

Collaborating with other prominent YouTube celebrities, such as David Dobrik, BigNik is a YouTube star in his own right. An influential role model to millions, BigNik is doing his part to change the world. BigNik will be launching his new Twitch channel from the 404H streaming hubs, where he’ll be live streaming routinely throughout the week, featuring other members from 404H as well as special guests.

BigNik says on his joining: “Joining 404Haven has been a very exciting experience for me. Working with our current talent has been so much fun. I’m excited to see 404Haven develop into the next major brand of media“.

Hailing all the way from Wiesbaden, Germany is prominent Twitch and Instagram personality Jade-Anh (Jade). Jade has had a meteoric rise on Twitch, and shows no signs of stopping, as she has become the center of one of the most popular Just-Chatting channels on Amazon’s live streaming platform. Jade is an inspiring beacon to many young people across the world with her qualities that set her apart from other digital personalities. This set of qualities are hard to capture in words; but they include charisma, humor, and a clear sense of what people genuinely enjoy. Jade will also be the Host of 404H’s flagship series, launching in the coming months.

Jade had the following to say on joining 404Haven “I am very ecstatic to be able to move to LA. I love collaborating with everyone and anyone from across the globe, and therefore I cannot express enough how lucky I feel, being given the opportunity to work with other amazing talent at 404Haven, hosting shows, making content, collaborating and much, much more.”

Rounding off the third member announcement is none other than Diego Vargas, BigNik’s partner in crime, popular content creator and digital marketing extraordinaire. An outlier in his influence through his network of social media brands with over 50 million followers, including his own individual content output with hundreds of thousands of followers, Diego’s next quest is conquering Twitch. If Akademiks’ recent Instagram live-stream that featured 6ix9ine, BigNik and Diego himself is anything to go by, you can never be too sure what Diego will do, but you can be sure it will be entertaining.

This is just the beginning of 404Haven, with three more high profile members to be announced in the coming months, as well as the upcoming launch of the flagship series still to come. Keep active by following 404Haven’s socials and register on the mailing list for all up to date information on announcements, merchandise and events. Join the movement, and live differently.

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