C U Around firmly tells a member of Ben’s polycule to ‘get a bit further away from me please as I don’t think our relationship has healthy boundaries.’

Ben says: I was walking along the Bridges in Edinburgh having just changed the boundaries of a part of my polycule (a polyamorous word for the shape of your relationships) and I was angry and I sang 'I'll See you around, why don't you put on your dancing shoes and f**k right out of town?' and the whole chorus came as a moment of righteous indignation and musical force. Yummy...

Out of respect this was obviously not how I spoke to my partner about this issue. Polyamory requires a level head and kind heart to traverse these complicated boundary changing moments. But the anger is still felt even if it’s away from the source.

Coming Up!
Following on from this will be Glory. A love story set over one night of tenderness with a, now very well known, literally filthy, Gender F**k Drag artist.

The new album entitled ‘Death & More’ Will be released Later in 2020.

The new record skirts from electronically infused, vocoded, Doo Wop to Minimal Electro with lots of guitar breaks inbetween. It’s a real flim-flam of diversity, whilst all the while retaining the same voice throughout. It’s Alt-Pop and proud.

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